Crossroads at Dawn

Crossroads at Dawn-2

Standing on the beach at dawn is peaceful and reassuring.  I love how the “little fork in the road” leads to the horizon and beyond.  The choices and possibilities of a new day.

Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

Could not take my eyes off of this spellbinding view.  The geographic formations were fascinating and held my attention for hours.  I began to imagine scenarios between the inhabitants of this village and their relationship to these mountains . . . probably the subject of another post!

The Portholes

The Portholes

The old docks of Dubai Creek are host to the equally gritty dhows – the smallish vessels with deep arcs and distinctive colors that shuttle all manor of small goods across the Gulf and the Horn of Africa.  Fabric porthole covers provide privacy and protection from the elements.

Dubai Desert

Dubai Desert

Stuck in the sand?  Tires spinning endlessly?  Time to start digging?  Perfect opportunity to photograph these glorious desert sand dunes?   Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Carousel at Night

Carrossel at Night

Things are’t always what they seem when reality and fantasy change places.

Istanbul to Fort Lauderdale

Join me in a whirlwind adventure from Marrakesh in western Morocco, to Istanbul,Turkey, to Italy’s Amalfi Coast, to the Greek Islands of Santorini and Rhodes, to Malta and to Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands.


Valletta Malta


The light was amazing the morning we arrived in Malta.  The clouds rolled in and threatened storms which eventually arrived, but didn’t prevent my photographing this spectacular city.

The Upper Barrakka Gardens are situated near Castille Place and possess unsurpassed views across the Grand Harbour over to the Three Cities.  Of special interest are the bronze group, known as ‘Les Gavroches’ (street urchins), by an early 20th century Maltese sculptor. Depicting three children hurrying forward, the idea behind this statue was the extreme hardship faced at the turn of the 20th century.