Lure of the Fishing Trawler

It's a solitary life. There are just a few short hours to spend with loved ones, to make necessary repairs, and to replenish supplies, before the fisherman finds himself at sea once again.


9 thoughts on “Lure of the Fishing Trawler

  1. This is a great image! You’ve really caught the dichotomy of the solitary and lonely aspect of it with the sky and the darker horizon. This is contrasted against the exciting and colorful boats that we all know the fishermen truly love. The boats in your photo turned out truly amazing, what a great blast of color and detail to really take in!! Great capture!


    • You really have a way with words, Mark! I believe that a “chaotic mess of colors” characterizes many of my images. Really glad that you like this one and looking forward to your stopping by again.


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