Late at Night in Zimbabwe

The instincts and skill of our tracker paid off at the end of a very long night drive in Hwange National Park in western Zimbabwe.  This majestic, lone male lion, crossed in front of our vehicle, stopped for a brief rest in the tall grass and then disappeared into the bush.  Sometimes you just get lucky!

3 thoughts on “Late at Night in Zimbabwe

    • We really did drive right up to him, let him cross the road, and watched as he plopped down in the grass. He didn’t like the spot light though. But I guess he had other things on his mind and chose not to stick around. I was thankful for the time that we had together! Glad that you like his pussy-cat grin 🙂


  1. Wow, what a GREAT photograph! Although I do need to admit that I think I had a bit of an accident when I first loaded up the image, that’s a LION there!! And he’s VERY CLOSE! How much, exactly, do you have to drink before you find the courage to go out at night looking for lions to photograph? We’re cat lovers ourselves, but ours are a lot smaller… what an amazing photo Barbara, really fantastic!


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