The White House

The Blue Ridge Mountains provide the backdrop for the agricultural village of Young Harris, Georgia. Rustic charm and quaint reminders of days gone by, soothe the soul, as you descend into this valley community.


4 thoughts on “The White House

  1. Your photos are always top drawer Barbara, a highlight of my day, but I also LOVE the way you write! You make me strive to be a better writer myself, very inspirational. I love today’s photo and blog here; the house is amazing. Just can’t get over how great that porch is, with the overhang that looks like it’s about to turn into a hangover!


    • Of course, I tried to get in the house for an inside shot or two, but I was concerned that all four sides would cave in on me if I rattled the door! So I stayed outside and settled for safety instead. My husband has 911 on speed dial, on his cell phone, so I’ve learned not to be too brave just because I have a camera in front of my face!


  2. What a fantastic looking place. Gosh, I’d love to get into somewhere like that, we just don’t get buildings like that over here. Nice composition with the low angle. 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by Dave. This was a wonderful little house; interesting from every angle. Ok, we can trade places, for just a little while. I love London and the Cotswolds; nothing is more beautiful than the English countryside. See you next time!


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