San Juan Roof Tops

I was able to grab only six bracketed shots of these roof tops before the neighborhood police started to shout at me and shake their arms and hands in the air. I think that obscene gestures are universal in their meaning.

2 thoughts on “San Juan Roof Tops

  1. What in the heck is wrong with people… what’s the big deal with taking a picture of a scene like this? I don’t get it… anyways, I am really happy you managed to capture this before being shoo-d away by the weirdo gendarmes… what a wonderful capture, love the colors and the ocean in this one!


  2. Catching up a bit here, I have to agree with toad. While I never like being told I cannot take pictures, I can usually understand why somebody might not want it. Here, I can see no reason to protest.
    Of course, I stopped on this image and intended to comment even before I read the text. I love this shot. Great catch.


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