This Is My Good Side

This young female was most definitely performing for the camera. I'm sure I can detect a slight smile; do you see it? Nature's camouflage, aided by their uncanny ability to traverse the brush undetected, has contributed to a game of hide and seek on more than one occasion. I've been disappointed at having missed a herd and not seeing it cross in front of our vehicle. The heart stopping moment occurs when I have turned, startled, to view their noiseless approach, from an entirely different direction. Since they are capable of overturning a vehicle, should the mood strike them, it's best to keep your pachyderm compass at hand.


3 thoughts on “This Is My Good Side

    • Thanks, Steve. If I remember correctly, it was a Canon 75-300 Image Stabilizer (old but wonderful lens) to get as close as I dared. I use PhotoTools to bring out the details! Please stop by again soon.


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