Enjoy Your Childhood

This isn't the picture of simplicity. I probably should have cropped out another fish or scale, but I like the things in this young boy's life. His Grandpa wasn't too happy with me and my camera, and made some gesture (that happens to me a lot). I'm glad that I captured his expression that day because I know what his life is destined to become in this fishing village on the coast of Chile. So I moved on to the vegetables.


4 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Childhood

  1. I really like this photograph – a child in the environment that he grew up in… a present moment with a glimpse into the past, and perhaps a hint of the future.

    I get hassled all the time for taking photographs of strangers…. sometimes it’s worth it (as long as you don’t get into too much trouble)


  2. My favorite element to a picture is the human kind, especially when you can see into the soul and life of the person. This is a great shot Barbara! He looks quite at home with the toy rod and reel in amongst the rest of the fishing environment.


  3. Wow! This is a really special photo. Love the visual metaphor of the little boy’s reel and the freshly caught fish. Love your choice of illustrative processing–gives the photo a sort of Norman Rockwell quality.


  4. This is TOP DRAWER! What an emotional scene you’ve created here, Barbara. You can’t help but feel something for the little boy, as you mentioned his life is might be difficult. Very profound post today, I love it!


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