Heavy Metal

Give me rust, metal, peeling paint and I'm in heaven. It's what I search for in abandoned houses, deserted buildings and the graffiti adorned surfaces of the city streets I explore. But I have trouble reconciling its beauty when it appears as part of the landscape on a beach I adore.


6 thoughts on “Heavy Metal

  1. I’m with Steve on this one. I really like the diagonal framing. I really like the rocky foreground leading into the water. Makes me wanna take my flip-flops off and jump in for a swim. Wonderful shot.


  2. At first I thought we’d open this thread to see Eddie Van Halen or something! LOL Great colors and tones in today’s shot Barbara, I really love it. The details on the rocks and the heavy metal bits there are spot on. You can really soak the whole image in… sort of like Chris in his flip flops playing in that wonderful surf!


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