Waiting for Mom

The Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, Florida is one of my favorite places to take my camera. Springtime brings chaotic nest building and squabbling over territory. A few short weeks later, a new generation secures their turf, only they are really, really hungry. These snowy egret chicks are waiting for their parents who have just flown away in search of food.

10 thoughts on “Waiting for Mom

  1. My kind of shot 🙂 I actually posted a bird shot today too. Love Snowy Egrets, this is a great capture. They are so prehistoric looking… We get Snowy’s up here in the northeast – Great Egrets are starting to show up now but Snowy’s migrate a little bit later.


    • I’m so grateful that I have you to set me straight, Steve, if I incorrectly identify these little guys. I go crazy when I’m shooting and often forget to identify my subjects. I love the word “prehistoric” – perfect description. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  2. This is an extraordinary nature capture. Your lighting, colors composition and framing are spot-on, Barbara. I’d love to learn your photography secrets! What size long-lens were you running?


  3. Thanks so much for your very flattering comments, Chris. I was using an 80-400mm lens that really managed to keep up with all the commotion in these nests. We had bright sunlight, so I did not have to worry about low light “blinkies” and high ISO. I think that emotion just creeps into images like these and you end up conveying that Awwww factor.


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