Whiskey Slide Road

It's true! This fairytale road, through the forest, really is Whiskey Slide Road in Mokelumne Hill, California. At its northern end, it connects to Jesus Maria Road. Don't try to figure it out . . .


13 thoughts on “Whiskey Slide Road

  1. If there’s one thing that CA does right, it’s trees! What a beautiful state, I love how you jump around from location to location on your blog, it’s awesome. I’m stuck in NY for now 🙂 Great shot!


    • As always, thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog images, Steve. I’m glad that you like my posts from random locations; I do prefer to mix it up a bit! If I were in NY, I wouldn’t consider myself “stuck” 🙂


    • Thanks, John. It was a curious, dreamlike place and that’s what I wanted to convey in this image. But the “details” side of my technique took over when it came to emphasizing the moss and the tree trunk. Great eye you have, sir!


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