Baby Finchie

I've been late to work . . . do you blame me? We are the proud landlords of a nest full of house finches, five to be exact. I continue to be eternally in awe of the tireless, unconditional devotion of these parents as they care for their babies. I may need a new job . . .

9 thoughts on “Baby Finchie

  1. Great capture! It’s incredible how reptilian baby birds look… It is definitely nesting season and migration is getting into full swing here in the Northeast – I just saw my first Black-crowned Night Heron this morning and yesterday heard and saw my first Chimney Swifts. I’m warming up my 600mm lens for Warbler migration – the big push should be in the next 2 weeks!


  2. Oh my GOD, how awesome Barbara! I can just picture you guys, proud new grandparents of lil’ feather friends there!! Great photograph my friend, you’ve really captured the emotion of being a new soul in a crazy world!


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