Whew! We’re finally back in “Hotlanta”. 90◦ in Atlanta, 40◦-50◦ in Maine. It rained every day that we were away! A shower cap was a permanent accessory covering my camera and I became very adept at bracketing through the raindrops. That being said, the coast of Maine is absolutely stunning, with a truly unique character and disposition. The “locals” were warm and inviting – smiling through their distinctive accents – their coastal village hospitality, around every corner. Speaking of hospitality, I had the happy good fortune to meet Cindi Ressler, having only previously met on Twitter. We spent one morning shooting together; she was gracious and generously shared her time and knowledge of the area. It’s so cool how photographers who love what they do, can just get into the groove of shooting together, spontaneously sharing their common passion for photography. But there was a bonus for me – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies! Be sure to check out Cindi’s BlackHorse Cookie Company – AMAZING!

10 thoughts on “Dunwanderin

    • Thanks Jan, for stopping by and for your comments. Honestly, I will never become tired of wandering and traveling. It nourishes my innate curiousity and my passion for photography. I just have to get through a few loads of laundry and I’ll be ready to go again. See you next time!


  1. Sounds like fun, Barbara. Glad to have you back. Tell me that we’re looking at a pub! What a great name.


  2. Love the play on words for this place. I really like how the reflections show off the waves in the glass. Welcome back, we left the light one but forgot to pay the power bill 😉


  3. Thanks for your kind words. It was wonderful to have met you! I had great fun! I wish we could have spent more time shooting together. Lots of great advice. Thanks!


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