A Streetcorner in Tangiers

I thought that we might spend some time in the northern Moroccan city of Tangiers. We took the ferry from Gibraltar to Tangiers and spent the day exploring this mysterious and exotic city. Dark alleys, hidden passages and over-sized colorful doors, were at every turn. Bustling markets (indoors and out) sold specialty items at prices set just for us! History and intrigue are in the brick and mortar of this city that feels like a village; an atmosphere suited to real-life spy stories and visitors with secrets.

10 thoughts on “A Streetcorner in Tangiers

  1. Great shot! Its funny, that cat seems so out of place there. Not composition wise, I just never thought at about domestic cats and North Africa together in the same context. Had it been a dog it would have been a different matter.
    Awesome awesome shot!.


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