Egans Creek Greenway II

I posted the image above in color several months ago. I remember thinking at the time, that I would like to process it in black and white. So there you have it. Which one do you prefer?

14 thoughts on “Egans Creek Greenway II

  1. It’s a gorgeous scene… I like the B&W treatment – the water has a cool bluish tint, works really well with the tones of the grass/trees. There are so many images in my library I’d like to treat in B&W, you’ve inspired me. Plus I am absolutely loving Silver Efex Pro, it really makes it easy.


  2. Personally, I like the color. It’s warmer and more appealing to me. The B&W is a good image, too, but comes off a bit cold in comparison. Well done Barbara!


  3. I gotta admit, the color one is more to my liking. Like Jim said, the warmer tones are more appealing. Either way, I want to be sitting on the little pier with a fishing pole 😉


  4. The black and white is more intriguing lending a mystical feeling to a beautiful setting. Even though you call this b & w, it shows up with a blueish tint on my screen. I think this is an enhancement even if you didn’t intend it to appear this way. Your processing of the image is special. Now let me escape to your Brigadoon!!


  5. My pick is the colored version. What I do like about the B/W is the blue tint of the water, and the bird to the right. Gives you a great sense of scale. A nice spot I would like to shoot.


  6. I remember the color version well! I really loved it, now I love this version too! Isn’t it truly amazing how imagery can take on a completely different feel by the tones presented. This is a completely different photo from the previous one! I can’t pick, they both present me with different feelings and I love ’em both. Time for a nice beverage with an umbrella in it, I think. 🙂


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