View From the Bridge

Ok, so what if Atlanta is the second most dangerous city in the United States? We were armed . . . with our poor judgement and our cell phones and our tripods. When we were standing on the Jackson Street Bridge late, the other night, I was happy just to gaze at virtually abandoned highways, and marvel at a beautiful skyline twinkling against a starless sky.

15 thoughts on “View From the Bridge

  1. Very cool shot Barbara, big city but no people and very few cars in sight. Makes for a great contrast if not only in the image, but in your mind as well. Very nice.


  2. I know this section of Atl all too well as I would drive this on a daily basis on my way to work. Great shot and what a way to make me miss this wonderful city!


  3. Oh my God! My totally favorite shot of yours to date, my friend, what a FABULOUS capture! I just love the tones and colors here, and there is so so much architectural detail to take in if you spend a little alone, quality time with this! I actually love this so much, I am trying to hold back starting a relationship with this image; please don’t tell Mrs. Toad!


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