In the Pond

A composite from several images taken at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. No Toads were injured during the creation of this image.


33 thoughts on “In the Pond

  1. Holy … Thats a pretty cool shot! Like Kristi said, it looks like its right out of a Disney movie. Nice capture.


    • Thanks Jason. I really don’t remember how many images I used to complete this one. I know that I was in a montage mode, knew that I envisioned multiple toads in the scene, and just started compositing until the party was complete!

      I really do appreciate your stopping by . . . see you next time.


    • Hi Matt!
      Oh no! I’m crushed – if these aren’t toads, what are they? Frogs, some type of amphibian with a name I can’t pronounce? Please enlighten me. I didn’t get a model release so what’s a photographer to do? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Really do appreciate it. Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Barbara, what a truly beautiful image! I absolutely love, love, love it! As you peruse the picture, all the lovely little green folks come into view. Just wonderful! And the flowers are simply stunning.
    As for Chris Nitz, shame on you! 🙂


  3. Hey, I see Mrs. Toad beat me to the blog today! You know, I was wondering where Uncle Tad, Auntie Theresa, and the little tadpoles, Tommy and Tess were… now we know! They’re living in a BEAUTIFUL pond someplace where Toads are safe to roam and play and splash about. No frogs legs here, uh-uh!!

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous picture. My only sadness today is only being allowed to press the Like button here once. This post is definitely a “50 Like” post, I tell you whut! GREAT colors here, and I just can’t believe how wonderfully all our green (and other hued) friends turned out here. I just love how you process your images, Barbara, and this one truly stands out as a gem. Absolutely ribbit-ing! Sorry about that, couldn’t resist….


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