A Sense of Place

I've never had much luck photographing fireworks. When I looked online for some tips for fireworks success, scouting for the best location, was always at the top of the list. Including a background landmark or a silhouette in the foreground would give the fireworks "a sense of place". When we found the perfect spot at the marina on Amelia Island, I realized that the only object available to me was the beautiful sliver of a moon that was in my fill-the-frame night sky. So, there you have it, my sense of place anchored by the moon. I'm happy with the results.


23 thoughts on “A Sense of Place

  1. Great result Barbara. I tried during the Canada Day weekend on July 1st, – I did not have much luck though. Yours look very good! I like the green snakes between the lines. Nice!


  2. I can almost hear the noise from the explosions as the display erupted onto your moon clad sky. The clarity is unique! I am so glad that you have succeeded in this splendid shot.


  3. I’ve never liked my fireworks shots either. I like the inclusion of the moon in your image. It sort of reminds me of the logo on the flag of South Carolina which shows a crescent moon next to a palm tree.


  4. Crisp and clear, just how I like ’em! Great capture, my friend! Love the clarity in the overall shot here, and that sliver of moon adds so much to the image here. This might be one of my favorite fireworks photos I’ve seen this year!! Great job, my friend!


  5. Wow, Barbara. You should be more than happy with these results. This is an awesome shot. Just enough moon to know it’s there while keeping the focus on that great fireworks display.

    Very nicely done!


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