At Home Hibiscus

This post was inspired by my friend and talented photographer,  Chris Wray.   He encouraged me to get out and travel to my own backyard and through my own neighborhood in order to stretch my photographic vision.  He asked me to recall a quote by Henri Carter-Bresson.  “To interest people of far away places – to shock them; to delight them is not too difficult. But the most difficult [photography] is your own country.  You know too much. Places where I’m all the time: I know too much, and yet not enough. To be lucid about [local venues] is the most difficult.”  So, there you have it, captured in my own neighborhood; my vision, my hibiscus.  Thank you Chris!


16 thoughts on “At Home Hibiscus

  1. Great post Barbara, I think you hit a sore spot – with me anyway. When I walk around in my back yard or neighborhood, I dont see anything I would like to photograph, and it troubles me quite a bit. I’m sure it would be a different story if I could put on a fresh pair of eyes – but I guess its something I have to figure out.

    I cant believe the depth of field you got on this flower – amazing. When you get this close, the depth of fields is usually very narrow despite a small aperture. I think its a great shot with some great colors and textures.


  2. Wonderful detail, rich texture and color, Barbara! I’m delighted that you found inspiration from me and Henri Carter-Bresson! Thank you for your kind words, too! You must have a great backyard with beautiful foliage like this. Here in Colorado, things are pretty arid and not so colorful.


  3. Excellent shot, Barbara!
    Love the rich colors and DoF on this.

    I certainly agree, we often don’t take advantage of photo ops on our immediate space. Good reminder.


  4. Totally lovin’ this shot Barbara! I love the way you’ve processed this; it’s got a strong sense of drama here. GREAT textures in the flowers petals and the surroundings! Once again, I find myself inspired by following your work!


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