Remains of the Day

Although I was fascinated with the "inside, looking out" perspective of this image, I couldn't make up my mind whether I preferred the color or sepia version. What do you think?

22 thoughts on “Remains of the Day

  1. Ohh, tough choice Barbara. Both of them are amazing. Absolutely great point of view. Im leaning toward the colored version – and im not sure why, the sepia version has a very authentic look to it. Its fits the time period very well. Very tough choice.


  2. Not to make your life difficult, but I’d try keeping the interior in color while everything outside gets sepia. The exterior could also go a bit darker… there are a couple of elements that could be muted, such as the road and cars in the upper left.

    However you treat it, this is a great subject, and both versions are good.


  3. No choice! The sepia version accentuates the interior of the vehicle, highlighting the dash and stearing wheel. I believe tthat the green in the color version deminishes the impact of this fine shot. The sepia version would look good framed on any wall.


  4. There’s no way I can pick! No way. I love ’em both, a LOT. What a great frame you’ve used here, Barbara, and your composition is an example to all of us as to how it’s done. I can’t even explain the feeling I have looking at this shot… it kind of leaves me speechless!


  5. I like both, though I prefer the color, and here’s why: it shows life outside (which is full of color), while the interior is old, decayed and dead (not to mention colorless) – either way it’s a cool shot!


  6. Hard to pick one over the other, Barbara. Gee, I love the color version for it’s realism, but the sepia really fits the topic better and brings that “throw back” feeling. Why are you making this so difficult? LOL

    They are both great but the sepia wins because of the topic. Great shots!


  7. Wow, this is really rich! The color version is my favorite. The textures and mossy interior of the cab really make the shot. Love the highlights and deep shadows, too. Wonderful POW, Barbara!


  8. I think I’m leaning towards the color version. I like the way the color captures the rust and the mossy growth on the dashboard of the car. The sepia version loses that. Perhaps if the sepia version could separate the rust/green colors from the dash it might help. However, I do find the exterior to be somewhat distracting in the color version. The green on the outside sort of competes with the green on the inside. Perhaps if the outside were desaturated somewhat or blurred it might be less distracting. Regardless, I like both of these images. Nice work!


  9. Both versions rock but for me the depth of detail that exudes from every pixel of the sepia version, free of the distraction of colour makes it so much more powerful, commanding, emotional. A stunning frame from the outset.


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