Impressions of Yosemite

We stopped for a picnic before heading back to Angels Camp and thought that this spot was the perfect late afternoon memory maker. There are impressions of Yosemite that live with you forever.

13 thoughts on “Impressions of Yosemite

  1. Just great light and processing on this Barbara. You are right about Yosemite. It lives with you forever. Just think if you could spend as much time there as John Muir did!


  2. The light is wonderful. I can feel the cool air in this image while looking at it in the heat of summer. Composition and processing could not be more ideal. Great capture.


  3. I normally don’t think that over-processed HDR looks good. This one really works though. I can see the artistic expression here. I very much enjoy it. Nice work!


  4. Your picture brings back memories of a trip the we took. I just love the light in this image. You have captured it well. Also the moss. We don’t see that type of large course moss here in the south. That was really amazing to see.


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