It was moored alone, docked and basking in the sunshine on a quiet Sunday afternoon. ‘Senseless’ appeared deserted, so I was able to capture some quick shots of this solitary beauty.
I was conjuring “endless days at sea” stories in my mind and happily loosing myself in the moment.  Without warning, I was startled out of my photographer’s reverie, when a man suddenly emerged from the cabin on the boat. He started shouting obscenities, began thrashing his arms in every direction and marched up and down on the deck of the boat. His unexpected agitation provoked the previously subdued dog, and continuous barking ensued. The tirade continued as he jumped on his bicycle and started down the dock toward me.
I had just enough time to collapse my tripod, dial 911 (just in case), and jump into my car; a conversation and a meeting of the minds, was not going to be the smart thing for me to pursue.
As I drove safely away, I replayed the scene in my mind. Even when you’re not looking for trouble, it sometimes finds you! The whole incident was just ‘Senseless’.

4 thoughts on “Senseless

  1. I am absolutely blown away, my jaw is on the floor Barbara. What in the? It’s funny, I’ve had such experiences, and some opposite ones too where I was shooting a place and the owner came out and I thought I was in trouble only to meet a new friend. Anyways, this shot is really great. It’s great on it’s own, and when considered against the backstory, the drama seems to take on a new deeper dimension. Really profound, my friend. So happy you are OK.


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