Neighborhood Surprise

Neighborhood Walk

You never know what you’ll encounter during a walk in the neighborhood!

Friday Night

Friday Night

What better spot to sit and reflect (or not) at the end of the week?  Add a glass of wine, a beautiful sunset, and of course, just the sounds of the wading birds.

Come Stay Awhile


The allure of Elizabeth Point Lodge on Fernandina Beach is that it beckons you, especially from the waterfront, to come stay awhile. I always look forward to photographing this solitary beauty!

Japanese Gardens


Something magical happens when you begin to stroll through a Japanese Garden.  It’s ok to feel that you’re experiencing a time warp sensation, because you know that nothing has changed for hundreds of years.  The beauty, the serenity and the reason for being have been valued and preserved; and I was grateful to experience it all.

Dubai Desert

Dubai Desert

Stuck in the sand?  Tires spinning endlessly?  Time to start digging?  Perfect opportunity to photograph these glorious desert sand dunes?   Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Morning Light at Silver Lake

Morning Light at Silver Lake
Narcissism in nature – it’s a good thing!