Buenos Aires Rooftops

Buenos Aires Rooftops copy1

Look Up!  Life’s happening up there.  I’m rarely disappointed while sightseeing and look up to capture street scenes far above street level.  There’s an intimacy, a slice of life, that’s revealed from this perspective. I hope that you enjoy the view!


The Backyard

The Backyard
The owners of this “Backyard” are passionate about collecting items to enhance the appearance of their space. Each item is creatively selected and placed in this very personal environmental landscape.
Oglethorpe University's 42-Bell Carillon - Clock tower and chimes Atlanta, Georgia
Oglethorpe University’s 42-Bell Carillon – Clock tower and chimes
Atlanta, Georgia
It was so hot that morning and there was no breeze. The St. Mary’s River was quiet and the clouds stood still. Docks and boat houses wait, but they always look lonely.
Humh . . . Which Path Should I Take?
Which path would you take?
Walker’s Landing – Amelia Island, Florida
Springtime in Atlanta, Georgia
A little ‘golden hour’ loveliness, originally shared by Mother Nature!
St. Elmo, one of Colorado’s most preserved ghost towns, feels and looks like its in miniature. I was bombarded with details, texture, light and history; everything a photographer craves.
Not sure why two adjacent walls required so many doors. Perhaps it will remain a mysterious secret, kept by history and this home’s clientele!