Friday Night

Friday Night

What better spot to sit and reflect (or not) at the end of the week?  Add a glass of wine, a beautiful sunset, and of course, just the sounds of the wading birds.

Istanbul to Fort Lauderdale

Join me in a whirlwind adventure from Marrakesh in western Morocco, to Istanbul,Turkey, to Italy’s Amalfi Coast, to the Greek Islands of Santorini and Rhodes, to Malta and to Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands.


Honningsvåg, Norway

Honningsvag, Norway

I loved the brightly painted wooden buildings scattered throughout the town, all bathed in the mysterious summertime light of the Midnight Sun. Surrounded by breathtaking fjords and waterfalls, and areas of dense forest,  Honningsvåg is the gateway port for travelers visiting the almost legendary Nordkapp (North Cape), second most northerly point in Europe.

View From Egan’s Creek

View From Egan's Creek

The best seat in the house.  Tranquility made to order . . .

Bergen Norway

Have been off the grid for a while. It’s good to be back!


Camden Marina

The color and the light struggle to peek through the envelope of atmosphere that seems to hover above the coastline of Maine.