Sometimes, when you’re really lucky, you capture one precious moment.  Pure contentment . . .


I love it when house guests bring their own cutlery!
Sorry for my extended absence; I promise to be around more frequently 🙂

A Travel Pictorial

I want to share my video memory-book with you.  I’ve ventured into video creation; pairing still photos with music (Alexander Blu’s Emptiness), to create a travel pictorial.  Images from France, Spain, Portugal and the US are included in this little montage.  I would love to hear your comments and feedback.  Thanks for watching!   -B

Marseilles Fisherman

I stood and watched this colorful character for quite some time as he maneuvered through his sales and bits of conversation. The years of fish tales are embossed in the story-book of his face. I was fascinated by his body language; it belies his somewhat lifeless eyes as he fervently protects his “money can” on the Port of Marseilles.

Dhow Laborers on Dubai Creek

Thank you to Michiel de Lange who pointed me in the right direction when I asked his advice about photographing the dhow laborers and their boats on Dubai Creek. He warned me to be careful wandering the docks of Dubai Creek and cautioned me to be ever vigilant. He neglected to tell me how captivated I would become and just how emotional this experience would be. He knew I would find out on my own.