Eye to Eye

New York Street Photography-3

Neglecting to remain on your side of the bridge is life threatening!  Of course, it’s very easy to veer to the ‘wrong’ side of the Brooklyn Bridge walk-way.  Sometimes you encounter a biker who is just bigger than life and you know that you and your camera are treading on very dangerous (wrong-way) ground.

Beauty Amongst the Rubble

Valparaíso Graffiti IStreet photography often rewards you with surprises and incongruous scenes.   Patience and a little bit of luck are definitely required!  Valparaiso, Chile.

Sydney Reflections

Reflections of Sydney

Although Sydney is best known for its harbourfront and hubs of waterside life, the city’s ever evolving skyscrapers, provide spectacular skyline views.  Beautiful abstract compositions on glass and chrome were naturally enhanced by warm, golden hour light. Yep, I was lucky that night!

Buenos Aires Rooftops

Buenos Aires Rooftops copy1

Look Up!  Life’s happening up there.  I’m rarely disappointed while sightseeing and look up to capture street scenes far above street level.  There’s an intimacy, a slice of life, that’s revealed from this perspective. I hope that you enjoy the view!


Home on the Range

A little bit of Rocky Mountain heaven. You can breathe out here!

View From the Bridge

Ok, so what if Atlanta is the second most dangerous city in the United States? We were armed . . . with our poor judgement and our cell phones and our tripods. When we were standing on the Jackson Street Bridge late, the other night, I was happy just to gaze at virtually abandoned highways, and marvel at a beautiful skyline twinkling against a starless sky.

35 37 39

So I was wondering, where is house number "41"? This is the last image for now, in our mini series on Tangiers, Morocco. I hope to return some day to this fascinating north African country of ancient history, mystery and intrigue.