Amelia Island


She’s feeling a little ‘moody’ today.  But you know what they say about a bad day at the beach . . .

Amelia Island Mood


Often the mood of a scene can best be expressed in black and white.  Can you feel the drama and the stillness?

Street Photography – It’s About the Connection

_DSC2515 copy copy

Street photography is so much more than capturing people passing through your field of vision. There are emotions and messages around every corner.  Connect with them!

New Zealand Seascape


Nature and man in perfect harmony. . .

Another image from my ‘Glass Canvas’ series. Have a wonderful weekend!

Childlike Clouds

I love to watch the whimsical, childlike clouds that chase each other, and play hide-and-seek between the skyscrapers of Buckhead.

Morning Light

These tiny fishing boats were dwarfed by gigantic tankers, yachts and cruise ships negotiating their way along the Suez Canal. I marveled at their bravery while vying for a little fishing territory along the choppy waters of the Canal.