Beauty Amongst the Rubble

Valparaíso Graffiti IStreet photography often rewards you with surprises and incongruous scenes.   Patience and a little bit of luck are definitely required!  Valparaiso, Chile.

Cape Horn, Chile

Cape Horn

Cold, desolate and captivating!  We were awake before dawn to capture the sights of Cape Horn as we traversed the tip of the South American continent.

Enjoy Your Childhood

This isn't the picture of simplicity. I probably should have cropped out another fish or scale, but I like the things in this young boy's life. His Grandpa wasn't too happy with me and my camera, and made some gesture (that happens to me a lot). I'm glad that I captured his expression that day because I know what his life is destined to become in this fishing village on the coast of Chile. So I moved on to the vegetables.


Street Art

The Murals of Valparaíso captivate and command your attention in this vibrant, electric seaport city, in central Chile.