Sharing the Boardwalk

Sharing the Boardwalk

Sharing the boardwalk at the marina on Amelia Island.
I’m pretty sure I missed the “Yield” sign!

Come Stay Awhile


The allure of Elizabeth Point Lodge on Fernandina Beach is that it beckons you, especially from the waterfront, to come stay awhile. I always look forward to photographing this solitary beauty!

Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

Could not take my eyes off of this spellbinding view.  The geographic formations were fascinating and held my attention for hours.  I began to imagine scenarios between the inhabitants of this village and their relationship to these mountains . . . probably the subject of another post!

Athens Marina

Athens Marina Outside Port of Piraeus Outside the Port of Piraeus.  We jumped from the taxi after spotting this marina on our  way into Athens.  It was the ink green water.  It was the pink tinted sky.  It was the  stillness.  Sometimes it’s all about the mood of a scene!

Parrot in the Park

We found this character while we were strolling through the charming, tree-lined streets of the Greek island of Rhodes.  He was loud, bossy, intrusive and self-centered.  He was also a ham and therefore the perfect subject for my photographs!  You’ll probably see more of him and his friends in the future.

It’s good to be home again.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Parrot in the Park

Big Talbot Island

Big Talbot Island III
You just hope that one of those logs (gators) doesn’t move as you play hop-scotch on the sand! Just sayin’ .


A happy, personal look-back 😉