The Colors of Buenos Aires


The vibrant colors, the music and the electricity in the air, were hypnotizing and drew this photographer from one captivating scene to another.  I tried to absorb as much as I could and was grateful for my camera so that I could capture this magic forever.

Tokyo Skytree


A little moody twilight to take the ‘hectic’ out of your day!

New Zealand Seascape


Nature and man in perfect harmony. . .

Crossroads at Dawn

Crossroads at Dawn-2

Standing on the beach at dawn is peaceful and reassuring.  I love how the “little fork in the road” leads to the horizon and beyond.  The choices and possibilities of a new day.

The Grand Bazaar, Marrakesh

The Grand Bazaar-Marrakesh

Chaotic, exciting and intense.  And that’s the atmosphere outside the entrance to the Grand Bazaar!  What seems to be confusing and disorderly, is anything but.  Hundreds of vendors, all speaking at once; bargaining and cajoling, seducing locals and visitors – turmoil and glittering light tucked into thousands of square feet that haven’t changed in generations!