Dhow Laborer


Dubai Creek – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You see these workers on the dhows every day loading everything from vegetables and fruit, clothes, vehicle spares, cars, to electrical equipment, into the boats.  They toil in the sun or in pitch-black, cramped conditions below-deck.  And then make their way up and down Dubai Creek, and once the boat is full, it’s off — loading and unloading in several countries around the Middle East before it reaches its destination in Iran, East Africa, Pakistan or India.


Hello from Dubai!


The Dubai Miracle Garden, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is certainly aptly named considering that — like pretty much everything in this Middle Eastern destination — it was built on desert land.  It is the home to the biggest natural flower garden in the world, showcasing  a variety of immense sculptures and designs.  Wonder and amazement at every turn!

The Portholes

The Portholes

The old docks of Dubai Creek are host to the equally gritty dhows – the smallish vessels with deep arcs and distinctive colors that shuttle all manor of small goods across the Gulf and the Horn of Africa.  Fabric porthole covers provide privacy and protection from the elements.

Dubai Desert

Dubai Desert

Stuck in the sand?  Tires spinning endlessly?  Time to start digging?  Perfect opportunity to photograph these glorious desert sand dunes?   Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Dhow Laborers on Dubai Creek

Thank you to Michiel de Lange who pointed me in the right direction when I asked his advice about photographing the dhow laborers and their boats on Dubai Creek. He warned me to be careful wandering the docks of Dubai Creek and cautioned me to be ever vigilant. He neglected to tell me how captivated I would become and just how emotional this experience would be. He knew I would find out on my own.

View from the Burj Khalifa (No.1 in a Series)

Our 60 second space odyssey flight (elevator ride is such an unimaginative description) to the 124th floor observation tower of the Burj Khalifa was just the beginning of this quintessential "room with a view" experience. I don't think that I can describe how I felt when I gazed out, and so far down, to the roof tops of Dubai. I know that I was incredibly lucky to be there; with my husband, my camera and my tripod. We stepped onto to observation platform at about 4:00 pm, so we had plenty of time for daylight and twilight views. More to come . . .