Friday Night

Friday Night

What better spot to sit and reflect (or not) at the end of the week?  Add a glass of wine, a beautiful sunset, and of course, just the sounds of the wading birds.

Sharing the Boardwalk

Sharing the Boardwalk

Sharing the boardwalk at the marina on Amelia Island.
I’m pretty sure I missed the “Yield” sign!

Come Stay Awhile


The allure of Elizabeth Point Lodge on Fernandina Beach is that it beckons you, especially from the waterfront, to come stay awhile. I always look forward to photographing this solitary beauty!

Twilight at the Marina


The stillness at the marina on Christmas Eve was captivating.  No wind, no boats, no footsteps; just the rightful residents paddling through the marina at sunset.  The scene left me breathless and thankful . . .

Crossroads at Dawn

Crossroads at Dawn-2

Standing on the beach at dawn is peaceful and reassuring.  I love how the “little fork in the road” leads to the horizon and beyond.  The choices and possibilities of a new day.

The Backyard

The Backyard
The owners of this “Backyard” are passionate about collecting items to enhance the appearance of their space. Each item is creatively selected and placed in this very personal environmental landscape.

Restoration in Progress

I'm happy to have captured a little bit of history before the demolition in Old Town, Amelia Island, Florida.
I’m happy to have captured a little bit of history before the demolition of this home in Old Town  –  Fernandina Beach, Florida, located on Amelia Island.