Neighborhood Surprise

Neighborhood Walk

You never know what you’ll encounter during a walk in the neighborhood!

Sometimes I feel sad when flowers die. But their textures, wrinkles, and final twists and shapes, reveal a mature character to which I am drawn. They share with us their complete life cycle in a very short period of time; for that we are fortunate.

At Home Hibiscus

This post was inspired by my friend and talented photographer,  Chris Wray.   He encouraged me to get out and travel to my own backyard and through my own neighborhood in order to stretch my photographic vision.  He asked me to recall a quote by Henri Carter-Bresson.  “To interest people of far away places – to shock them; to delight them is not too difficult. But the most difficult [photography] is your own country.  You know too much. Places where I’m all the time: I know too much, and yet not enough. To be lucid about [local venues] is the most difficult.”  So, there you have it, captured in my own neighborhood; my vision, my hibiscus.  Thank you Chris!