It was so hot that morning and there was no breeze. The St. Mary’s River was quiet and the clouds stood still. Docks and boat houses wait, but they always look lonely.
Springtime in Atlanta, Georgia
A little ‘golden hour’ loveliness, originally shared by Mother Nature!
St. Elmo, one of Colorado’s most preserved ghost towns, feels and looks like its in miniature. I was bombarded with details, texture, light and history; everything a photographer craves.
Not sure why two adjacent walls required so many doors. Perhaps it will remain a mysterious secret, kept by history and this home’s clientele!

Sometimes what’s important, really is the ‘destination’, rather than the ‘journey’!

This is my favorite way to watch the New Year’s Eve 2013 Ball Drop! Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year!

Dhow Laborers on Dubai Creek

Thank you to Michiel de Lange who pointed me in the right direction when I asked his advice about photographing the dhow laborers and their boats on Dubai Creek. He warned me to be careful wandering the docks of Dubai Creek and cautioned me to be ever vigilant. He neglected to tell me how captivated I would become and just how emotional this experience would be. He knew I would find out on my own.