Tucked in for the Night

Amelia Island Low tide provided a peaceful, secure setting for this fishing boat docked on Amelia Island.  The pelicans were my companions as we watched as the sun set.

Humh . . . Which Path Should I Take?
Which path would you take?
Walker’s Landing – Amelia Island, Florida

Bay of Cadiz – Low Tide on the Beach

This solitary beach on the Bay of Cadiz was home to countless boats anchored to the sand during low tide. They looked all at once forlorn and peaceful; waiting patiently, resting, until the next adventure at sea.
On another note, I’ve just launched a new website: www.fivefeetsquare.com.   I will be adding fine art images, available for purchase in a variety print and canvas sizes. I hope that you will stop by and enjoy perusing my new gallery.