A fleeting, harmonious moment . . .

Amelia Island Mood


Often the mood of a scene can best be expressed in black and white.  Can you feel the drama and the stillness?

Tucked in for the Night

Amelia Island Low tide provided a peaceful, secure setting for this fishing boat docked on Amelia Island.  The pelicans were my companions as we watched as the sun set.

Sharing the Boardwalk

Sharing the Boardwalk

Sharing the boardwalk at the marina on Amelia Island.
I’m pretty sure I missed the “Yield” sign!

Twilight at the Marina


The stillness at the marina on Christmas Eve was captivating.  No wind, no boats, no footsteps; just the rightful residents paddling through the marina at sunset.  The scene left me breathless and thankful . . .

Athens Marina

Athens Marina Outside Port of Piraeus Outside the Port of Piraeus.  We jumped from the taxi after spotting this marina on our  way into Athens.  It was the ink green water.  It was the pink tinted sky.  It was the  stillness.  Sometimes it’s all about the mood of a scene!

Blue Hour at the Marina

Blue Hour at the Marina
The muted blues and golds provide a peaceful contrast to the previously riotous yellows and oranges of the setting sun.