New York, New York

New York-1

It was 11:50 pm (note clock on Metropolitan Life Building) and we rushed to the entrance of the Empire State Building.  Visibility was quickly decreasing but I was hoping for a cloud break when we reached the top. This view lasted for just a few seconds.


Carousel at Night

Carrossel at Night

Things are’t always what they seem when reality and fantasy change places.

The Vortex

Did someone say we don't know how to party in Atlanta? This image was taken during Scott Kelby's World Wide Photowalk in Little Five Points. Probably one of the most bohemian and diverse neighborhoods in Atlanta, Little Five Points was the perfect, one of a kind, destination for a memorable photo walk!

A Sense of Place

I've never had much luck photographing fireworks. When I looked online for some tips for fireworks success, scouting for the best location, was always at the top of the list. Including a background landmark or a silhouette in the foreground would give the fireworks "a sense of place". When we found the perfect spot at the marina on Amelia Island, I realized that the only object available to me was the beautiful sliver of a moon that was in my fill-the-frame night sky. So, there you have it, my sense of place anchored by the moon. I'm happy with the results.