My First Trip to the Zoo


Doesn’t everyone wear a pink safari hat when visiting the zoo?



Sometimes, when you’re really lucky, you capture one precious moment. ┬áPure contentment . . .

Marseilles Fisherman

I stood and watched this colorful character for quite some time as he maneuvered through his sales and bits of conversation. The years of fish tales are embossed in the story-book of his face. I was fascinated by his body language; it belies his somewhat lifeless eyes as he fervently protects his “money can” on the Port of Marseilles.

On a Street Corner in Rome

We were running to catch the train in Rome, when I stopped in the middle of the street to capture this image of an old woman. She was sitting on a fruit crate on the street corner selling fruit and vegetables. There are times when asking permission is just not an option . . .