Fushimi Inari Shrine

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Southern Kyoto, Japan

You are bombarded with saturated colors and bold graphic shapes; visual interest everywhere!

The Red Truck

We found this Old Timer while we were exploring Goldfield Ghost Town and mine (Youngberg, Arizona). It appears to be enjoying retirement, basking in the intense afternoon sunlight. We were warned that "rattlesnakes and bees do come in from time to time" so we proceeded at our own risk. Old, rusty mining equipment in addition to this beautiful red truck, was just ahead. We would not be deterred!

Corrugated Siding

Honestly, how could you choose not to stop across the street and gaze at this intense, contrasty, tactile structure! We were walking around Old Town Puntarenas, Costa Rica, near the waterfront, and happily absorbed the vibrant color overload of twilight; my camera's favorite time of day.