The Courtship

The Courtship III - 20x30 copy

Stunning detail and depth of field reflected in the satin finish of this aluminum print delivered to a very happy client!

Twilight Stripes

Sometimes you just can't worry about the rule of thirds!

Am I Big Yet?

Every day spent in Kruger National Park in South Africa is a day of unparalleled wildlife viewing experiences. Around every turn you might feel intense excitement or unbearable sadness. If you are lucky, you might glimpse a momentary slice of life; a baby playing, getting stronger, exploring his world and surviving another day. You're both lucky.


Not Alone

Twilight finds the herd leaving the hardwood forests to congregate around the water holes. And of course, I was there too! Hwange National Park, the largest National Park in Zimbabwe, is home to a vast number of elephant, giraffe, lion and other wildlife. The lodge provided a safe and spectacular viewing platform from which we could observe the herd drink, bathe and play. There always seems to be a reciprocal guard duty, so sharing the tranquility is tolerated.


Late at Night in Zimbabwe

The instincts and skill of our tracker paid off at the end of a very long night drive in Hwange National Park in western Zimbabwe.  This majestic, lone male lion, crossed in front of our vehicle, stopped for a brief rest in the tall grass and then disappeared into the bush.  Sometimes you just get lucky!

Ngala Leopard

We all know who won this "stare-down". But I got my shot and this adolescent leopard made my day!