Beauty Amongst the Rubble

Valparaíso Graffiti IStreet photography often rewards you with surprises and incongruous scenes.   Patience and a little bit of luck are definitely required!  Valparaiso, Chile.

Color Coordinated Corners


Loved this intentional coordination of colors on this street corner cafe in Istanbul.

Amsterdam in Bloom

Just returned from a few weeks “Off-the-Grid” to travel and photograph some amazing places! Stay tuned . . .

Street Art

The Murals of Valparaíso captivate and command your attention in this vibrant, electric seaport city, in central Chile.


The Art Police

I came across this "art gallery" during Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk two years ago. Cabbagetown is a small renaissance neighborhood East of downtown Atlanta, Georgia that's enjoyed a recent rebirth and home to the nation’s largest residential loft community. It's a wonderful village of artists, musicians and business professionals. People watching and street photography are at a premium during the Chomp and Stomp Bluegrass and Chili Festival.